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Welcome to the website for Women in World Trade, New England!  


Our mission is to connectinform, and support  women in the New England region engaged in international trade and investment. As a hub of education and innovation, as well as cutting-edge companies in manufacturing, services, and agriculture, New England continues to expand its international connections. The six states of New England enjoy growing export ties with the world, and the region is a destination of choice for many overseas investors.  


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We formally launched the group in February 2020, but that launch is more accurately described as a revival. In the 1980s, women in multiple locations formed groups to advance professional development opportunities for women in the field of international trade. A Boston group formed in 1987. By 1990, an umbrella group called the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) held its first national conference in Washington, D.C., with Boston one of twelve chapters in attendance, joined by chapters from Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Northern California, Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, Texas and Washington, D.C.   


The Boston group was an active one, hosting events with the diplomatic community and creating networking opportunities for women across a range of trade-related fields. Over the years, however, the leadership took on new responsibilities, some moved out of the region, and by the early 2000s, the group was dormant. 


In late 2019, with our region becoming ever more global – with more international students, more direct international flights, more entrepreneurial ventures with international partners, and growing trade and investment relationships – we saw an opportunity to bring this group back together. A priority for us was that the group not only focus on Boston, but also the broader region, leveraging the international expertise and experiences of women across the New England states.  


Our first event, at the residence of then-Consul General of the UK to New England, Harriet Cross, attracted women from all six states in the region, and made clear the enthusiasm for the group’s revival. We remain grateful to Harriet for her early support. The enthusiasm has persisted during the pandemic, where we have continued with virtual programming and forged a real sense of community.   


We welcome you to join us! 


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On February 12, 2020then-Consul General of the United Kingdom to New England, Harriet Cross, hosted Women in World Trade at her residence on Beacon Hill.

The event attracted women from all six New England states, including a mix of businesswomen, consular community representatives, government officials, academics, association leaders, and others whose work involves international trade.